Does Gluten Free Mean Wheat Free?

grilledTilapia dp Does Gluten Free Mean Wheat Free?The answer is not that simple. You can be gluten free, you can be wheat free, or you can be both. If you want to choose only one, it is simpler to eliminate wheat from your diet and the rest will come naturally.

The reason I say that is because not all so-called diets without gluten are the best or healthiest choice when it comes to your health.  Manufacturers, in an attempt to keep up with the demand for food without glutens, and to make food that looks, tastes, and feels the same as traditional food, have resorted to using alternative additives that are not necessarily good for us.

When food is truly free of gluten in a healthy way, it will most likely not look, taste, or feel the same as traditional food. That is not to say that it will not taste good.

Some (not all) food that is without gluten tastes different than what you are used to.

Gluten can be removed from wheat, but that doesn’t mean that it is wheat free – it’s just gluten free.  For example – bread or baked goods can be made without it, but wheat is still there.

Buyer beware.

With the trend towards removing gluten from food, many manufacturers are replacing it with other not so healthy choices such as rice starch, tapioca starch, cornstarch, and potato starch. These are just as bad as eating sugar.

Pre-made, store bought food may not be the best solution for you if you are gluten intolerant and want to remain healthy.

If you want to be both, you should always read the label (list of ingredients) very carefully. Just because the box says it doesn’t contain one ingredient, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain the other.

What we decided to do.

spelt salad dp Does Gluten Free Mean Wheat Free?We decided it was safer, easier, and healthier to go wheat free.  We found that it was difficult to find good tasting food that was really without gluten. When we completely removed both from our diet, it got much easier to change our eating habits, and we feel much better.

Problem solved.

I’ve removed wheat – what’s left?

It’s actually quite simple to remove both from your diet. It means that you’re staple foods will be vegetables, fruit, and protein.

That sounds restrictive, but you’ll quickly find out that there is a huge variety of food that you can choose from, and a huge variety of things that you can make with these foods.

Natural and healthy is the way to go.

Natural foods.

When you eat real, natural food like eggs, seeds, raw nuts, fish, fowl, meat, vegetables, fruit, avocados, olives, and healthy oils like olive oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, you’ll be doing you and your body a favor.

For added flavor, you can use herbs and spices.

When you are eating an all-natural diet, you won’t need to count calories or cut back on fat – as long as you are using natural fat.

You’ll be eating a lot of raw, which is the healthiest way you can eat.

You’ll need to avoid all processed food, junk food, and fast food restaurants.

Once you and your body get into the routine, you’ll notice that you are not driven by hunger cycles – the cycle that is a habit forming side-effect of consuming wheat.

You’ll eat less, and you won’t feel hungry between meals. If you do get hungry, it’ll be a much more subtle hunger. Imagine living without those nasty hunger cycles (you eat your breakfast at 7am, feel hungry again by 10am, and again two to three hours later, and so on).

You won’t have cravings for sweets.

Your sense of taste is heightened. You’ll notice the flavor in food again; your food will actually taste wonderful.

Keep in mind that it does take time to get you and your body into a new eating habit – a better and healthier eating habit. You should give it at least 30 days before you start seeing and feeling great results.

Before you know it, you’ll rarely feel hunger pains, you’ll enjoy your food, you won’t feel full and bloated after meals, and you won’t have cravings for unhealthy sweets. Best of all, you may start to lose weight without having to cut back on your portion sizes.

Just think – all those benefits just because you cut wheat out of your diet.

Bottom line – it’s easier, less expensive, and safer for you and your health when you go gluten free and wheat free.